‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ Cast Power Ranking

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Bravo
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Bravo

The sunny skies of Miami have shone especially bright this year. Since its return, The Real Housewives of Miami has been a futuristic entry in the franchise, where mojitos don’t matter, and friends-of cast members carry immense weight. It’s the blueprint for a successful Housewives entry, and has continually proved its worth these past three seasons.

Normally, a nine-person cast would seem bloated. But it works seamlessly in Miami. While Bravo would be remiss to go into a fourth season with the exact same cast—and should restore Adriana’s mojito immediately—everyone on RHOM has made a strong case for their continued presence.

Some, however, have amassed immense power in the group, while others have sipped their mojito to the very last drop. Will all their glasses get a refill, or is Bravo ready to cut some of these ladies off? Here’s a breakdown of the Miami power players, from the top down.

Alexia Nepola

Alexia is a bulldozer with no off switch. The Cuban Barbie went on her version of an apology tour this year, making nice with Julia, while calling a truce with Adriana. Alexia’s strength comes in her prowess. She’s not scared of anyone, and whether you’re her best friend or her enemy, she’ll sit down and film a scene with you.

By developing a cordial relationship with Adriana, Alexia has shown herself to be a team player, and maintained her grip on the group. Loosening her alliance with Marysol, too, has allowed Alexia to appear more as a free agent. She has a genuinely strong rapport with all of her castmates, and knows how to hold back her abrasiveness when necessary.

Alexia Nepola on Real Housewives of Miami.

Alexia Nepola.

Alexander Tamargo/Bravo

She may have played the most impressive long game since Luann de Lesseps, usurping a top role after spending the OG seasons as a supporting character. If Alexia can survive her reunion falling out with Larsa—which, let’s be real, she can—she’s indestructible.

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Adriana de Moura

Adriana speaks five languages, but she can stir the pot with no words. So transparently messy, Adriana has made a brand out of starting fires for fun. She’s the devil you know, and you never have to worry about Adriana stabbing you in the back. She prefers a full-force attack.

As a friend-of with scorched ties to Marysol and Alexia, it would’ve been easy for Adriana to slip away. But, she entered this season with a literal white flag, and has utilized her love for conflict to sneak back into the fold. Smartly positioning herself as a Lisa ally while growing closer with the newbies, Adriana has built herself a safety net. She makes it seem effortless, but being so messy while only growing stronger season to season is a testament to her charisma.

The dust has settled, and Adriana’s shown herself to be a true cockroach, even hosting the finale party. While Julia’s friendship with Alexia could have spelled trouble—given Adriana and Alexia got into a post-BravoCon airport screaming match—the two have remained close. Adriana never deserved to lose her mojito, but she certainly has earned it back by now. Oh, and give her a role on The Traitors, ASAP.

Julia Lemigova

It’s a skill to be so sly that people don’t even notice you’re a gossip. After three years, though, it’s no longer a secret that Julia loves the drama. How else did she become close with the greatest provocateur of our time, Adriana?

Now that Julia’s more comfortable stirring it up in the group, she’s a more genuine fit. Her newfound friendship with Alexia has untethered her as Adriana’s sidekick, without sacrificing their bond. And her strong ties to her fellow newbies help immerse her further in the fold. While she has scuffled with Larsa and Marysol, Julia never goes scorched earth. As long as she has Adriana as an attack dog, Julia’s free to slink through, passively tossing bombs into the group and giggling as they explode.

Her cards are all on the table, and she’ll need to grow increasingly savvy going forward. Julia’s shown herself to be a strong adapter, though, so it shouldn’t be a true issue.

Kiki Barth on Real Housewives of Miami.

Kiki Barth.


Kiki Barth

Kiki has organically grown from a glorified extra in Season 4 to a true member of the core group. She’s undoubtedly the reboot newbie with the most genuine ties to the OGs, and has maneuvered expertly.

Her strategic game is much more subdued. She spent her first few years developing true friendships with the women, and has levied that in her conflicts with Larsa and Lisa. There are stakes to her slow fallout with Larsa, as Kiki realizes her fast friendship may have been more surface than she thought. Meanwhile, her simmering resentment with Lisa gave Kiki her first true feud, and it’s one where she came out on top. While she has often received a one-dimensional edit, Kiki’s layers shone this year, allowing her to ascend her comic relief role into something more tenable.

After a victory lap Watch What Happens Live appearance—where even Andy commented on how fans want her to have a mojito—Kiki has cemented her role in the group.

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Guerdy Abraira

It’s kind of hard to surmise Guerdy’s role this year, as she faced a much more pertinent health threat. Finding out her cancer diagnosis at the beginning of the season, Guerdy didn’t have much time for petty drama. But rest assured, Larsa made sure to give her some anyway.

The cast—for the most part—rallied around Guerdy in her time of need, but kept it surface. Aside from Nicole, the rest of the ladies lack a strong tie to Guerdy, though they mostly seem to like her. Still, this has been her biggest season yet, and her choice to remain in the fray (and bite Larsa!) shows she’s not afraid to get messy.

It would be easy for Guerdy to depart after this year, and the group dynamic would shift very minimally. Should she stay, though, it’ll be interesting to see how she maneuvers with her health scare behind her. I hope she bites more people, personally.

Guerdy Abraira and Russell Abraira.

(l-r) Guerdy Abraira and Russell Abraira.

Jeff Daly/Bravo

Larsa Pippen

Delusion is Larsa’s best friend. Larsa couldn’t care less about appeasing the fanbase, and lacks any strategy whatsoever, yet, she makes it work. It’s almost impossible to argue with her as she’s so confident in her false reality, allowing her to steamroll even worthy opponents.

For many Housewives, questioning their castmate’s cancer diagnosis would have been a death knell. But, Larsa blankly blinking, asking “How do you know?” was so disarming, Guerdy was too thrown off guard to truly feud with her. No one expects better from Larsa, as most of her malice comes from genuine incompetence.

She has restored a relationship with Nicole, while growing closer to frenemies Adriana and Julia, allowing Larsa to neutralize her adversaries. And, going against Lisa has shown Larsa isn’t a mindless supporter of her friends. But, Marcus Jordan’s alleged reunion blowup and the subsequent fallout with Alexia could spell trouble for Larsa, especially if her rocky relationship with Kiki further craters.

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen.

(l-r) Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen.

Alexander Tamargo/Bravo

Post-reunion, Alexia and Marysol have accused Larsa of a stunt breakup, leaving her at risk of an attack from all sides next season with no protection. Lisa does not count as an ally. She will do more harm than good, trust and believe. The best move going forward may be to team up with Adriana, creating a true duo of terror, now that they have a common enemy in The Bros™.

Nicole Martin

After a strong run last season, going up against Larsa and standing her ground with The Bros, Nicole seemed set to make waves. But, she’s been more of an afterthought this year.

She’s made little progress with the group, and in many ways has regressed. While Nicole has maintained strong friendships with fellow newbies Guerdy and Julia, she’s still on the periphery with the Miami OGs, sans Adriana. Nicole’s fawn in the woods act would work wonders in Beverly Hills, but the Miami women are too upfront for someone that passive.

Nicole Martin on Real Housewives of Miami.

Nicole Martin.

Jason Koerner/Bravo

Unlike Adriana, who transparently owns her evil behavior, Nicole wants to come across as innocent, and that’s the real reason Alexia and Marysol resent her. If Nicole can own her pot stirring and truly stand her ground, she could easily develop a rapport with Alexia, and thaw the ice between her and Marysol. But self-disinviting yourself from cast events is not the way to go in this group. At some point, Nicole has to actually embrace the drama if she wants to be a true power player.

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Marysol Patton

Marysol is a good, old fashioned busybody. She’s the woman in church who knows everything about everyone, and you know nothing about her. But, Marysol has largely given up on immersing herself in the group dynamic, and has fallen by the wayside.

While Bravo seems to love her and her confessionals are plentiful, Marysol’s actual role in the group is rather tepid. The RHOM cast is large and vibrant, and Marysol’s natural state is more of a doldrum. She just doesn’t have it in her to be friends with others. As she has completely foregone any relationship with Adriana, Marysol has allowed her nemesis to usurp her, while she’s only developed surface-at-best friendships with the reboot newbies.

Marysol’s continued role is a true testament to Alexia’s gravitas, but it won’t save her forever. It can’t be a good sign that she was seated after Kiki at the reunion.

Lisa Hochstein

Who would’ve thought that the love and support Lisa received from her tumultuous divorce would evaporate? Well, I did, and I’d hope anyone who’s watched every season knew this was inevitable, too.

Last season, the women tiptoed around Lisa, but the gloves are off now. No one has any sympathy left for Lisa, and her only true allies are tenuous at best. Love Adriana and Larsa as I do, agents of chaos are not the allies you want or need when you’re getting fired at from all sides. Losing both the cast and fanbase in one fell swoop has been a brutal fall from grace for Lisa.

If Lisa can put her tail between her legs and truly own her self-centered behavior, she has a chance of slinking her way back into the fold. But Lisa’s deep delusions and overall demeanor would never let that happen. Case in point, this excerpt from the reunion plot descriptions: “Lisa is sickened when the group doesn't show her sympathy.” You almost have to admire her ability to miscalculate. Rest assured, she’ll be back next year, but she can’t afford another disaster of this level.

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