This Is Real: Kimmel Stuffed Mike Lindell In A Claw Machine And Yes It Got Weird

Jimmy Kimmel spoke to Mike Lindell on Tuesday night for a bizarre interview in which the MyPillow CEO/conspiracy theorist sat inside a claw machine at a Dave & Buster’s.

It was every bit as bizarre as you’d expect ― but for one brief moment, Kimmel got serious with Lindell.

“I believe that you believe this stuff,” he said, referring to Lindell’s claim that voting machines were hacked or reprogrammed to steal the 2020 election from Donald Trump. “I don’t believe that Donald Trump believes that.”

Trump ― along with other election conspiracy theorists such as failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake ― don’t believe it at all, he said.

They’re just lying.

“For them, these are just excuses for losing an election,” Kimmel told Lindell.

As with the last time Lindell appeared on Kimmel’s show, the interview came to an abrupt end when it was interrupted by comic James Adomian, who does a flawless Lindell impression. Adomian, as Lindell, tried to rescue “himself” from the machine.

Check out what happened below: