‘I really want them home’: Broward mother asks for help in finding daughter, son

A Lauderhill mother said she hasn’t seen her 14-year-old daughter, who suffers from mental health issues, since Saturday and her 16-year-old son since August. She told the Miami Herald she’s been forced to turn to the community to find them and get her children home before her worst fears are realized.

“I don’t want her out there,” said mom Natasiia Saint Preux, saying she fears for her daughter’s safety.

Exodus Cummings, 14, is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Her brother, Izaya Cummings-Howell, 16, is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Their mother said they may be traveling together and possibly in the company of Izaya’s girlfriend. Exodus and Izaya are both frequent runaways, Saint Preux said.

Saint Preux reported her children missing to Lauderhill police. A department spokesperson told the Herald a missing persons investigation is underway.

She has turned to authorities every time to help find them, but she says she feels that Lauderhill police aren’t giving her case much attention recently as her children have been deemed “habitual runaways.”

“I want [police] to act like it’s their own children that’s missing,” she said. “I’m not getting the appropriate help that a parent should get with her children.”

Lauderhill Police told the Herald they would be looking into the matter.

Regardless of how many times Exodus and Izaya run away, Saint Preux says she still wants resources to help bring them home.

“I’m really worried about [their] decision-making out there,” she said. “I really want them home.”

Anyone with information can call Lauderhill Police Department at (954) 497-4700.