Red River hoglets make debut at the Calgary Zoo

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Red River hoglets make debut at the Calgary Zoo

Four rambunctious Red River hoglets made their debut at the Calgary Zoo on Friday.

The zoo says they are doing well under the close watch of mom, Ine.

The pocket-sized pigs joined their mom inside their enclosure, charming the crowd with their youthful exuberance and watermelon-like appearance.

"These four little nuggets are really important in the Red River hog world," said zoo spokesperson Trish Exton-Parder.

The new litter was born April 8, and they are part of a breeding program at the zoo. — so it's a déjà vu from 2015 when Ina birthed four other hoglets.

"She's a very experienced mom, so this is about six or seven litters for her over the years," said  "So she's contributed a lot to the population in captivity of Red River hogs, which is a really important conservation."

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