Refund demand at Wendy’s drive-thru escalates to death threats, Florida deputies say

A disgruntled Wendy’s customer forced open the drive-thru window, smashed the supervisor’s hand and threatened to kill her if not given a refund, according to Florida investigators.

The suspect was standing at the drive-thru when deputies arrived shortly after midnight on Saturday, Feb. 24, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office says. The restaurant is located along Interstate 75 near Reddick, about 90 miles northwest of Orlando.

Investigators did not report why the 24-year-old Citra man was so intent on getting his money back.

“The victim stated that the defendant started to tap on the window wanting a refund. While the victim was getting the refund the subject started punching the window and stated he would kill her,” an affidavit reports.

“As the victim attempted to close the window, the defendant grabbed the window. ... During the fight to keep the window open the defendant smashed the victim’s hand with the window.”

She was able to get the window closed and locked, which prompted the suspect to begin punching the window and spitting on it, officials said.

He was arrested and faces a simple battery charge, the affidavit reports. He has also been banned from the property, officials said.

The employee was not seriously injured, officials said.

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