Regina teacher donates time to photograph families, raise money for art and school supplies

A Grade 1 and 2 teacher at M.J. Coldwell in Regina spent her weekend making family portraits for people in order to raise money for art supplies and classroom tools.

Chelsey Hicks hosted booked and walk-in photo sessions on Saturday and Sunday at the school, taking time away from her own children and family to do so. 

"It's winter; it's Christmas and every year so many families go and get photos done of their families, but it's also a time of year where money is tight," Hicks told CBC Radio. 

"We want to do quite a few crafts and activities in my class this year and it costs quite a bit of money. Most of the supplies, I would actually have to purchase myself." 

Bryan Eneas/CBC

She said the school does what it can to help in the funding but to bolster that, Hicks offered family photos for five dollars each.

Hicks noted that funding issues are not something that's unique to M.J. Coldwell. 

She said teachers are often buying supplies for their classrooms and parents will also do what they can to donate materials. 

In some cases schools can refund teachers for the money they've spent — if there's money in the budget to do so. 

"It's no fault at all to the schools, they can only do as much as they can," Hicks said. 

Bryan Eneas/CBC

Hicks said she "100 per cent agrees" that it might be time to put more money into education, particularly toward supporting teachers, principals and staff at schools in Saskatchewan.

"We're looking after the future of this country and we need support," Hicks said.