Reservation Dogs creator pays tribute to the cast after final season airs

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Reservation Dogs creator pays tribute to castFX Networks

Reservation Dogs creator Sterlin Harjo has paid tribute to the show's cast following the airing of the final ever episode.

The groundbreaking FX/Hulu comedy-drama, which was American television's first to feature all Indigenous writers and directors and a majority Indigenous cast and production crew, came to an end on September 27 after three seasons of critical acclaim.

Due to the actors' union SAG-AFTRA being on strike, Reservation Dogs' stars are currently unable to promote the show, but Harjo has taken the opportunity to praise his cast an in interview with IndieWire.

paulina alexis as willie jack, devery jacobs as elora danan postoak, pharaoh woon a tai as bear, lane factor as cheese in reservation dogs

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"They're so beautiful, every one of them," he said. "When the four Rez Dogs first came together – a lot of the bad guy gang is made up of people that were very close to getting cast as the main Rez Dogs; Jackie, and even Daniel was close to getting Bear, so I just kind of just moved all of those actors...

"It was such a pleasure to work with all of them. We were a family, we are a family. The end of the show also means the end of our community as we know it. We'll still work together, but we created a family making that show.

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"There is grief as well, ending this. There is sadness. But just like those kids hugging each other at the grave without all the answers, but still choosing love over all of that – that's how I feel about this show...

"I would never want anyone to tell me to stop it. I wanted us to end it when it felt right. That's what it all means to me. It's sad, but it's a community, and that's a part of you now. It doesn't go away."

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Harjo added that the strike was "tough" on the cast and crew who really wanted to promote the show, but the strikes are "something that needed to happen", so the team feels okay with the situation on the whole.

"It was something that we will celebrate and continue to celebrate and have celebrated," Harjo said. "I'm sure soon as everything [resolves], we’ll be hearing a lot from them."

Now that the show is over, Harjo has plenty on his plate. He's developing multiple feature films and a TV show with Ethan Hawke, to name just a few, while he's also working as executive producer for another show for Hulu.

Reservation Dogs aired on FX on Hulu in the US, and streams on Disney+ in the UK.

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