This Returning Costco Fan Favorite Is the First Thing I’m Adding to My Cart for Summer

Customers are buying five bags at a time.



We love a good summer treat, and Costco has plenty available when the warm weather hits. Last summer, we were all about the Island Way Sorbet (and not just because it comes in a real fruit shell). This season, we can’t wait to try the new Girl Scouts Chipwich ice cream sandwich.

When the heat really rises, we crave something super refreshing to quench our thirst, and luckily, Costco has the perfect fruit-filled frozen treat for the summertime heat.

Costco Brings Back DeeBee’s Organics Classic SuperFruit Freezie Pops

Costco recently brought back the fan-favorite DeeBee’s Organics Classic SuperFruit Freezie Pops just as the warm weather approaches. The 35-pack comes in three different fruit flavors: strawberry lime, blueberry pomegranate, and mango orange.

These gluten-free, vegan frozen pops, made with 100% organic fruit juice and purée, are free of the top nine food allergens (think nuts, eggs, and soy), making them a solid option even for those with dietary restrictions.

Fans expressed their love for these popsicles on DeeBee's website, saying, "I love these pops, absolutely delicious! I enjoy having them after dinner," and, "These are delicious if you have not tried them it's a must."

While the typical popsicle lovers are kids, one commenter noted that since they are a healthy treat with great flavors, some "adults love this more than kids love this."

DeeBee's Organics Classic SuperFruit Freezie Pops are available now at Costco stores for only $9.99. You can find them in the juice aisle end caps, but you should hurry while supplies last, as you'll only be able to grab them during the warmer months. 

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