Rev. Al Sharpton eulogizes Jordan Neely: ‘Jordan, you didn’t die for nothing’

The Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy on Friday at the funeral in Harlem for Jordan Neely, the homeless Black man who was killed on a New York City subway on May 1 after a white passenger restrained him with a chokehold. Sharpton said, “Jordan, you didn’t die for nothing,” promising to change the way the city deals with homelessness and the mentally ill. Sharpton also called for “equal justice under the law,” criticizing authorities for initially releasing Daniel Penny, the man seen on video putting Neely in the deadly chokehold, before arresting him for manslaughter over a week later.

Video Transcript

AL SHARPTON: Jordan-- I didn't know you, Jordan. I know your aunt, and I've talked to you daddy. And one thing I promise is in your name, we're going to change how they deal with the homelessness.


In your name, we're going to change how they deal with the mentally ill. In your name, we're going to change services in this city. Jordan, you didn't die for nothing.

What they meant for bad, we'll make good. We're going to have a new city and new city services.


We can't live in a city where you can choke me to death with no provocation, no weapon, no threat, and you go home and sleep in your bed while my family got to put me in a cemetery. There must be equal justice under the law.


So if we look angry, we are. But we're not mad. Difference between going mad and being angry-- yes, we're angry, because we at another funeral we shouldn't have had to be at. Yes, we're angry, because you see our children as objects rather than human.

Yes, we're angry, because you keep choking us to death rather than leaving, living, and building, and building, and building us up. And we won't stop till we change this nation. We won't stop till we change this city.

We won't stop until the Jordans get help. When they scream, we're going to help them, not choke them. We're going to stand up. There'll be no justice. There'll be no peace.