Oxford Student ‘Has No Regrets’ About Making White Waitress Cry

The Oxford race campaigner who bragged about making a white waitress cry has defended his behaviour because he was helping to ‘disrupt whiteness’.

Ntokozo Qwabe wrote a demand for the return of land to black people on the bill handed to him by Ashleigh Schultz, saying: “We will give tip when you return the land.”

He took to social media to brag and dismiss her “typical white tears”, leaving him “unable to stop smiling because something so black and wonderful had happened”.

But his behaviour prompted a fierce backlash, with many branding him a hypocrite and a racist bully.

It is not the first time Mr Qwabe, 24, who is in his final term of his master’s degree at Oxford, has been accused of hypocrisy.

He led a campaign for a statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes to be taken down, despite his undergraduate law degree at Keble College being funded by a Rhodes scholarship.

He has defended his latest behaviour, claiming Miss Schultz’s reaction 'entrenched patriarchy’ because it led to white men defending her.

The Rhodes Must Fall campaign

Discussing the incident, which happened in South Africa, Mr Qwabe told the The Daily Vox website: “Quite frankly, her feelings are irrelevant to us.

“If you think people demanding a just society in South Africa is a borderline offence then you are clearly out of touch.

“Her working-class status isn’t as material as it is made out to be. Even if she’s working class, she is linked to whiteness. By virtue of her skin colour, she is privileged.”

Following the incident hundreds of people gave money to Ms Schultz to cover the tip Mr Qwabe refused to pay, prompting him to say: “These innocent white girl tears re-entrenches patriarchy because white women’s tears make white men want to jump in and save white women from all these aggressive black people.”

Mr Qwabe also dismissed calls for Oxford to throw him out as “another white myth”.

The statue of Cecil Rhodes that he wanted taken down

Qwabe said that after the waitress in question left the table a 'white male colleague’ then approached the table to ‘annoy us more with his own white tears telling us that he finds our act “racist”.’

He added: ‘Moral of the story: the time has come when no white person will be absolved. We are tired of “not all white people” and all other bulls***. We are here, and we want the stolen land back.’

But critics called him out for his own racist behaviour.

Tim Flack said: 'Oh big man, so chuffed to make a waitress cry. For someone who has gone through so much hardship in his life, I’m no longer inspired by you.

'You are not a role model for anyone, you are a hateful human being. There’s my white tears.’

Riaz Muhammed branded him ‘racist’ and said: ‘You will amount to nothing. Hypocrite.’

Mr Qwabe in turn accused the ‘white media’ of ‘going hysterical’.

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