Rivian's R2 SUV was just revealed — take a look inside the open and spacious EV

The Rivian R2 SUV
The Rivian R2 SUV is more affordable than the R1S and R1T.Rivian
  • You can camp inside your R2 SUV.

  • The electric SUV's interior is open and airy.

  • There's storage space everywhere, including two gloveboxes.

Rivian's new R2 SUV is smaller and more affordable than its other models but still packed with the goodies we have come to expect from the outdoorsy EV brand.

While the R2 is smaller than the R1S, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said Thursday the interior was designed to feel just as open and airy.

Two quarter-windows in the rear of the vehicle pop open to allow for better interior airflow, while the back window rolls down all the way to accommodate longer cargo.

Take a closer look inside the R2 SUV: Rivian is taking $100 preorders for the vehicle, and is expected to start deliveries in early 2026.

The R2 shares the boxy look of the R1S

The Rivian R2 SUV
The Rivian R2 SUV takes a boxy stance.Rivian

At first glance, the R2 looks pretty similar to the R1S, sharing the original SUV's boxy exterior and signature bright-eyed Rivian headlights.

The R2 is about 15.5 feet long and 5.5 feet tall, making it 15 inches shorter and 5.5 inches lower than the R1S.

The smaller SUV also comes with a smaller price tag

The Rivian R2 SUV
The Rivian R2 SUV is more affordable than the R1S and R1T.Rivian

For this smaller package, Rivian says it will be able to start pricing for the R2 SUV at a more affordable $45,000. The R1S and R1T can run you between about $73,000 and $100,000.

Every seat in the R2 SUV folds down

The interior of the R2 SUV, with all seats folded down.
The interior of the R2 SUV, with all seats folded down.Rivian

In typical Rivian style, the EV company has engineered the interior to accommodate extra large luggage or an overnight stay in the SUV with the option to fold down every seat, including the first row.

"It creates this awesome in-vehicle camping experience with an inflatable mattress," Scaringe said at the R2 SUV's Thursday reveal.

The interior is designed to feel open and airy

Interior front seat of the Rivian R2 SUV
The front seats in the Rivian R2 SUV, which is designed to feel spacious.Rivian

The front seat of the R2 SUV is clean and minimalist, following in Tesla's footsteps. The dash eschews buttons and knobs for a sleek touchscreen.

Finally, gloveboxes

Dual gloveboxes in the Rivian R2 SUV
The Rivian R2 SUV has dual gloveboxes.Rivian

Scaringe says a common complaint he gets about the R1 models is the lack of a glovebox.

The R2 over-delivers, he says, with two gloveboxes.

Center console with lots of storage

The center console in the Rivian R2 SUV
The center console in the Rivian R2 SUVRivian

Rivian often maximizes storage space for its adventure-seeking customer base.

You can see that on display here with the center console in the R2 SUV, which features several different storage compartments and what appear to be retractable cup holders.

Of course, a flashlight in the door

Front door interior on the Rivian R2 SUV, with built-in flashlight
The front door interior of the Rivian R2 SUV, with a built-in flashlightRivian

One of Rivian's signature features is a flashlight stored in the driver's side door. The R2 keeps the door flashlight, which pops out when you press on it.

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