Roaches, mold and fecal matter: See latest Sacramento County health inspections

Sacramento County health inspectors recently closed a local catering company after discovering German cockroaches and fecal matter throughout the facility.

They also shut down a Sacramento wine bar after finding more than 40 roaches in the bar area and slime in the ice machine.

In addition, a gas station and a bakery in Sacramento received yellow placards.

A yellow placard signals two or more major violations, according to the Sacramento County Food Inspection Guide. These are typically corrected or mitigated during the inspection.

A red placard signals “imminent danger to public health and safety” and suspends the health permit until violations are corrected. This could include, but is not limited to, major vermin contamination.

In contrast, a green placard means a restaurant passed the inspection.

The county conducts roughly 14,000 inspections a year, and 97% of all restaurants pass their inspections, spokesman Ken Casparis previously told The Bee. About 1% of inspections result in a closure.

Health inspectors closed Mr. Perry’s Coffee Shop on Feb. 13, but the restaurant reopened on Feb 17.

Here are the Sacramento County food facility inspections for Feb. 14 through Wednesday, as of noon Thursday:

If an inspection listed below needs clarification, business owners can email Sacramento Bee reporter Jacqueline Pinedo at The Bee will publish weekly updates on health inspections across Sacramento County.

Health inspectors close Sacramento wine bar, catering company

58 Degrees and Holding Co., 1217 18th St. in Sacramento , received five violations on Wednesday.

Inspectors observed a total of 44 German cockroaches throughout the midtown wine bar, including six live roaches in the wine cooler in the bar area, according to the Wednesday report. In addition, 30 dead roaches were found on the floor and in the wine cooler bar area.

Five dead roaches were seen on glue traps in the bar area and three other roaches were found on the floor around the wine cooler area.

During the inspection, two personal drinks were seen on the food preparation area, according to the report. A slime mold-like accumulation was observed in the ice machine.

The Sacramento Bee reached out to the business for comment and received a response on Thursday evening.

“The issue was not noticeable to the untrained eye and was resolved within 24 hours,” Cassie Kelsey, general manager of 58 Degrees and Holding Co., wrote in an email to The Bee. “We appreciate the health department’s help, so we can continue to strive for greatness and welcome our guests back.”

International Catering Bon, 3701 Marysville Blvd. in Sacramento, received seven violations on Feb 15.

Inspectors observed German cockroach activity in various locations throughout the catering company, according to the Feb. 15 report. A total of 25 dead nymphs were seen on the floor of the employee restroom.

Inspectors also saw animal fecal matter above the restroom’s hand-washing sink.

The catering company was reinspected on Tuesday, but inspectors still observed German cockroaches and fecal matter in various areas of the catering facility.

Inspectors saw three live adult roaches and three live nymph roaches between the door gasket and top cover of a three-door glass refrigerator in the kitchen. Two live nymphs were on a wall-mounted security camera over the kitchen’s hand-washing sink.

Inspectors also observed a gap that was larger than a quarter-inch underneath a closed roll-up door. Inspectors asked the catering company to close the gap between 30 days. Other gaps were also seen underneath the kitchen’s ware washing sink and by a wall outlet near an electrical panel near a refrigerator.

Elena Mazur, the catering company’s permit holder, told The Bee on Thursday that she expected Sacramento County health inspectors to reinspect the facility on Thursday.

Sacramento County restaurants cited for health violations

The following Sacramento County restaurants had violations the week of Feb. 15 through Feb. 21, resulting in a conditional pass.

Only the dates of violations are listed. Most restaurants fully pass reinspection within 72 hours. The reports are linked. For updates on individual restaurants, you can search the EMD website here.

Pocket Road Shell, 8900 Pocket Road in Sacramento, received 11 violations on Wednesday.

Inspectors observed employees switching from running the cash register at the gas station to removing food from out of the oven “without washing their hands first,” according to the report. Another employee was seen preparing food without their hair being tied back.

Boxes of food were on the floor in a walk-in dry storage area, according to the report.

The soda machine had “mold-like growth,” the report said, and inspectors said it should be “cleaned and maintained better.”

There has not been a reinspection posted for the restaurant as of Thursday afternoon.

Razavi Bakary, 3465 Watt Ave. in Sacramento, received 17 violations on Wednesday.

Inspectors saw foods such as rolls, cakes and dessert pastries being held outside of the proper temperatures, according to Wednesday’s report.

Tubs with buttercream were stored on the floor inside a walk-in storage equipment, the report said, and sheet pans stored behind a faucet of a three-compartment sink.

There has not been a reinspection posted for the restaurant as of Thursday afternoon.

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