Robert De Niro Exposes Donald Trump’s True Intentions With NSFW Slogan

Robert De Niro’s F-bombs about Donald Trump had producers on “The View” hitting the mute button.

The Oscar-winning actor’s colorful commentary on the former president ― during which he suggested a blistering new slogan for him ― was completely silenced for several seconds during Tuesday’s live broadcast of ABC’s daytime show.

De Niro first questioned why some Americans don’t appear to be taking the threat of a second Trump term seriously. He noted how Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler and Italy’s fascist despot Benito Mussolini were initially similarly dismissed by critics as just “fools and clowns.”

He also called out Trump as “hateful, mean-spirited” and “vicious” before suggesting a withering new campaign slogan for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

“It’s almost like he wants to do the worst that he could possibly do to show this country, to fuck with us,” said De Niro, who was ostensibly on the show to promote the new movie “Ezra.”

Trump’s slogan “should be ‘Fuck America, I want to fuck America,’” he added.

Watch De Niro’s commentary here:

De Niro has previously shredded Trump as “so fucking stupid” and “evil” and openly fantasized about a bag of shit hitting him “right in his face.”

However, earlier this month, the actor claimed he was “tired of calling him names.”