Roland Emmerich brings down the White House... again

In The East, Brit Marling plays Sarah Moss, a former FBI agent and an operative for a private intelligence firm. She infiltrates an anarchist collective called The East but begins to fall in love with the charismatic Benji (Alexander Skarsgard) and starts to question whether what she’s doing is right. Director Zal Batmanglij co-wrote the movie with Marling after spending two months with followers of the freeganism movement. He believes the film’s core relationship is that of Marling and her boss, played by Patricia Clarkson and said: “One of the thing that distinguishes the movie is that it is not only a female spy at the centre but also her handler is a woman. We have seen other female spies but but they were always surrounded by men, so it was interesting to have the relationship between Patricia Clarkson and Brit (Marling).” The East is now playing in cinemas in the UK and Ireland. Meanwhile, Roland Emmerich has done it again. In his new thriller “White House Down,” the German director blows up the White House for the third time in his cinematic career. Jamie Foxx stars as the president and Channing Tatum as the police officer who ends up protecting him. Neither actor was concerned that movies might give terrorists ideas. Tatum said: “I think movies are stories and there’s been a thousand stories and they’ve all been told, generally, you know, one way or the other. so I don’t think that terrorists are watching movies to get ideas.” White House Down goes on general release in the United States now and opens in the UK in September.