Roughhousing bear cubs slip into narrow crawl space. Watch as mom busts in after them

Rowdy bear cub siblings tussled with each other and slipped inside a narrow crawlspace in a California building — so their mom had to bust in after them.

Urbanized bear removal expert Toogee Sielsch posted video of the bears’ “break-in, eviction, and seclusion” on Sunday, Feb. 25, to his Instagram.

It shows a mother black bear prying a piece of plywood from the wall to get inside the crawl space. A little while later, the cubs emerge from the narrow space and Sielsch boards up the opening.

The entire ordeal took less than half an hour, he said in the post.

“We’ve had to keep this family of three honest, and try and discourage urban life four times in the last three months,” he said.

Some viewers said it looked as though the cubs had been trapped and mom was busting them out, but Sielsch clarified that wasn’t the case in a follow-up video.

“As seen in this video mom is trying to make the opening big enough for HER to access that space, but after a little rough housing, her cubs were EASILY able (to) slip under the building,” he said.

“Turn up the sound for some cool bear cub snarls while they were roughhousing!” he added.

“They wanna be your basement roommates,” someone joked in the comments on Instagram.

“Sounds like my son at the Amtrak bus stop,” someone said in the comments on the video shared to Facebook.

“Oh momma has her paws full,” another person said.

Sielsch shared a screenshot of one of the cubs waiting besides its mother as she worked her way inside the crawlspace.

“Go for it Mom! I got your 6. If I run, something’s wrong!” he said in the caption.

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