Roughriders not impressed after stadium seats break

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are promising to fix newly installed seats at Regina's Mosaic Stadium, after some seats broke during Friday's pre-season game.

Some fans received minor injuries from sitting on the faulty seats, which were not welded down properly, according to team officials.

"Fans were disappointed and so were we. We definitely had some issues there," Riders president Jim Hopson told reporters at the stadium on Monday.

"We are going to make sure that they're rectified before the next game," he added, referring to the Riders' next home game on July 8.

About 20 seats in the north end of the stadium were affected.

Hopson said the company that installed the stadium seats will replace them in the coming weeks.

"We've got a couple of weeks and they assured us they'll tear them right down and redo it and make sure that all the issues are addressed and they're comfortable and so are we that they'll be in place for next game," he said.

The new seats were installed as part of a major facelift at Mosaic Stadium during this past off-season.

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