Russia might be planning a massive 'festive' strike to mark May 9 - Russia's answer to 'Victory in Europe' Day

Missile attack
Missile attack

Russia may be again looking to escalate attacks and could deliver a devastating "festive" strike on the May 9 holiday to mark victory in World War II, Ukrainian Presidential Office advisor, Mykhailo Podolyak, told Channel 24 on April 26.

Ukraine is expected to receive American anti-missile systems by that time, he added.

"Yes, they (Russia, — Ed.) could, I say this sarcastically, deliver such a classic Russian 'festive' strike," he told the Ukrainian station.

"But I believe that by that time, we will have somewhat enhanced the combat readiness of our missile defense system."

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Ukraine likely won't receive additional launchers in the next two weeks due to logistics, but could receive anti-missile systems to prepare for the "macabre holiday called May 9."

Russia might intensify missile and drone strikes on Ukraine's logistics and transportation infrastructure in the coming weeks to disrupt the influx and distribution of Western military aid - even before Ukrainian missile defense receives American missiles, the Institute for the Study of War reported on April 24.

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Russia could be gearing up for larger-scale attacks, hence the suspension of recent drone attacks, Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson, Illya Yevlash, said on April 26.

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