A Russian tank stuck in a large crater became a sitting duck for Ukraine's drones, a video appears to show

  • A Russian tank fell into a crater and was targeted by Ukrainian drones, new footage appeared to show.

  • Ukraine's 68th Jaeger Brigade claims to have destroyed eight Russian tanks in the Donetsk region.

  • The battle was in one of the "most tense" areas along the front line, Ukraine's General Staff said.

A new war video from the battlefield in Ukraine appears to show a Russian tank falling into a crater when fleeing Ukrainian fire.

The footage, released by Ukraine's 68th Jaeger Brigade, begins by showing drone video of an oncoming column of Russian armor. The vehicle at the front of the company is taken out by an explosion. Debris can be seen flying up into the air.

Drones then attack the rest of the column of tanks and armored vehicles.

One of the tanks, when crossing a field, drives into a large crater. A drone then targets the tank as at least one Russian soldier attempts to flee.

A second video shows the tank engulfed in flames and exploding.

Business Insider could not independently verify the video or the claims made in the caption.

According to the video's caption, eight Russian tanks and eight infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) were destroyed. The video was taken in Pokrovsk in Ukraine's Donetsk region, one of the "most tense" areas along the front line, according to an update by Ukraine's General Staff.

"Ukrainian defense forces continue to make efforts to stabilize the situation and inflict major fire damage," the update said.

Later on June 14, in comments to Ukrinform, Nazar Voloshyn, the spokesman for the Khortytsia grouping of forces, a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, confirmed the brigade's claims.

"In the Pokrovsk axis, our Defense Forces destroyed eight Russian tanks and disabled two more. That's 10 in total. This makes up a tank company," he said.

"In addition, in this section of the front, during the said period, our defenders destroyed eight more armored fighting vehicles, two artillery systems, and four other vehicles (one more damaged)."

Voloshyn didn't specify when the video had been filmed but said 242 Russian troops had been killed or wounded during fighting in Pokrovsk.

"Our Ukrainian defenders did a good job yesterday and disposed of plenty of Russian hardware, and even more so Russian invaders along with their equipment," Voloshyn said.

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