Sam Asghari Scolds Donald Trump Jr. For Britney Spears Attack

Sam Asghari’s marriage to Britney Spears is essentially over but his allegiance to the pop star is not.

Asghari on Sunday reprimanded Donald Trump Jr. for using Spears’ recent knife-dancing video as political fodder.

“It’s not okay to be a bully,” Asghari wrote on his Instagram story while tagging the ex-president’s eldest son.

Spears shared a video of herself dancing with what appeared to be (and sounded like) knives, prompting more mental health concerns for the “Toxic” singer and a wellness check by police. (Spears said the knives were props.)

Trump turned the uncomfortable footage into a swipe at the current presidential administration on Instagram. He shared a side-by-side comparison of a professional photo of Spears from several years ago with the caption, “America under Trump” and a screengrab of the knife clip with the caption “America under Biden.” “Yup,” he captioned the meme.

Asghari took umbrage and made it known with a succinct message aimed at Trump.

Asghari, a model and fitness trainer, filed for divorce from Spears in August, a little more than a year after they married. The couple reportedly began dating in 2017.

“After 6 years of love and commitment to each other my wife and I have decided to end our journey together,” he wrote.