The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is down to $210 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ on a white background.

We’ve recently compiled a list of some the best Samsung tablet deals (nearly all of which are still active) but others pop up so quick we can’t sleep on them, including this deal on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus. It’s a sort of budget tier Samsung tablet that really shouldn’t be ignored when it goes on sale. Right now, you can get yours for just $210, which is $60 below its usual $270 price point. This is an Amazon “Limited time deal” so please be sure to tap the button below to grab yours now. Otherwise, keep reading to see more about this tablet, who it’s for, and the tablet we think you’ll likely confuse it for.


Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus is a 2024 model with 8GB of RAm, an 11 inch 1920 x 1200p screen that refreshes at 90Hz, and (at least for this version) 128GB of storage. It uses a quad speaker system with Dolby Atmos to give a surprisingly adaptive sound environment. It’s also easy to multi-task on your tablet than ever before with the display that breaks into multiple windows easily and upgraded Snapdragon chipset that makes it easier to run multiple apps simultaneously.

A word of warning: This is not the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus. You wouldn’t be the first, nor the last, to confuse the A9+ with the other lower cost Samsung tablet, which is more widely talked about and considered one of the best tablets. But, even if you did think you were wondering into the also on-sale S9 FE Plus, don’t fret. With this deal, the A9 Plus becomes less than half the price of the other. This is really your chance to get a quality Samsung tablet at a fraction of the cost of other contemporary models.

If the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus checks all of your boxes, and you aren’t getting it confused for another model, you can feel confident in tapping the button below to grab yours before this limited time deal disappears. Remember, right now the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus is just $210, saving you $60 from the usual price point of $270. Alternatively, check out these other tablet deals to find some more tablets, including those not from Samsung.