The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has a buy one get one free offer today

Taking a blood pressure measurement on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

In the world of smartwatches, Samsung is a brand that reigns supreme. Now and then, the company drops some pretty cool smartwatch deals, and there’s an awesome one on the docket as we speak. For a limited time, when you purchase a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, you’ll get an additional Galaxy Watch 6 or Galaxy Watch 6 Classic for free! 

When you’re on the Galaxy Watch 6 product page (linked above), scroll down to “Limited Time Bundle Offers” to see the BOGO bundle.

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Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

For those unaware, the Galaxy Watch 6 is Samsung’s latest and greatest smartwatch (though it won’t be long until the Galaxy 7 hits shelves), and it’s absolutely packed with awesome features. One of the biggest improvements over the Galaxy Watch 5 is a brighter screen that pushes up to 2,000 nits. That’s a ton of glow from such a small display, which makes it far easier to see apps and interface elements in direct sunlight.

Powered by the Samsung Exynos W930 CPU and Wear OS, apps, trackers, and sensors all run smoothly, as do animations and other UI elements. There’s a handsome spread of preinstalled apps to enjoy (Samsung Health and Bixby are two of our favorites), but you can download even more by visiting the Google Play Store. 

While fitness deals can be tough to spot, but the Watch 6 is equipped to track your health and exercise in numerous ways. Use it for everything from sleep tracking and rep logging to skin temperature readings. As the Watch 6 inputs the data it collects about your health habits, you’ll be able to access this info from several integrated dashboards. The device is even smart enough to know what types of exercises you’re about to engage in. Examples include swimming, cycling, and jogging.

And remember: If you buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 soon, Samsung gives you a second Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic on the house! There are plenty of Samsung deals out there, but it’s hard to say when such a good promotion will land in our laps again. All we can say is indulge while you still can!

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