Saoirse Ronan was lined up to play a Weird Barbie

Saoirse Ronan could have been a Weird Barbie credit:Bang Showbiz
Saoirse Ronan could have been a Weird Barbie credit:Bang Showbiz

Saoirse Ronan was supposed to play a "weird" doll in 'Barbie'.

The 29-year-old actress was disappointed not to reteam with her 'Lady Bird' director Greta Gerwig on last summer's blockbuster because of scheduling conflicts and revealed she was meant to play a particularly "strange" part in the film.

Speaking at the Variety Studio at the Sundance Film Festival, she said: "I was definitely going to be a Weird Barbie.

"I don't know how to take that. I would have been with Kate McKinnon, so that would have been nice. I had a scene but didn't ever get to do it, and it wasn't in the movie.

"It was weird. I think I'd be the strange girl who talked to herself and always had her pet dog with her and always talked to the dog and wouldn't look at anyone."

But Saoirse could get the opportunity to work with the director again because she was pleased to hear Greta is keen to make a 'Lady Bird' follow-up.

She said: "She's based on Greta so, does she make Barbie? I don't know. We did discuss while we were making the film that we would love to revisit it,' she explained.

"I've heard she's started talking about it. I'll do everything with her for as long as she'll have me."

But next, the 'Little Women' star can be seen as recovering alcoholic Rona in 'Outrun' and she wasn't afraid to get stuck in when it came to shooting on a sheep farm.

She said: "I delivered seven lambs. That was very terrifying. I didn't know if I was going to kill the lamb as I was pulling 'em out.

"They’ve got a lot of goo in their airwaves when they come out. So, you have to get hay and stick it up their nose so they can sneeze it out. And you have to rub them really aggressively to get the air moving through them. If you don’t do that, they’ll die...

"We did it for about three or four days. I don’t know how explicit you want me to get, but you’d know which ewe was going to go into labor in the next hour. You’d have to pinpoint the ewe in a pen of maybe 40 sheep and tackle it, which is really difficult.

"They’re really strong and don’t want to be caught. I’d put my leg on the ewe and make sure she’s calm and stick my hand up her and pull her lamb out. I was totally up for doing it, but I was really scared. I grew up in the country, but not on a farm."