Saskatoon mayor asked to stop prayers

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is calling for an end to prayers at official City of Saskatoon events.

The association has sent a letter to Mayor Don Atchision in connection with city-sponsored volunteer appreciation event in April at which city councillor Randy Donauer allegedly led the audience in a Christian prayer.

In the audience that day was Ashu Solo, who says the incident was inappropriate and has complained to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

Now the civil liberties association has weighed in, calling on the Atchison and the city to end prayer recitations at municipal events.

"The state should have no role in imposing, endorsing or promoting a particular religion over others, nor should it pressure or coerce an individual into a religious practice," CCLA spokesman Sheetal Rawal said in the letter.

As an alternative to a sectarian prayer, the group suggests a "moment of reflection" might be used at such events.