Saskatoon police officer caught on tape making fun of complainant's name

The Saskatoon Police Service is investigating offensive comments made by an officer that were caught on tape.

Bronek Hart contacted police to report a break and enter in November.

The officers responding by phone apparently did not realize they were being recorded. Hart captured the comments on his voicemail, and later posted the audio as well as an explanation of what happened to Facebook.

"Bronek? Who names their f--king kid Bronek," a female officer is heard saying in the recording.

"It's retarded."

In a statement, police Chief Clive Weighill did not dispute what happened, or how bad it made the department look.

"The comments made are inappropriate and do not meet the high standards expected of our members," Weighill said.

"Our Professional Standards Officers have reached out to Mr. Hart and an internal investigation will take place."

Hart has not yet responded to requests for comment.