Save $1,300 on this Alienware gaming PC with an RTX 4090 today

The Alienware Aurora R15 desktop with the side panel removed.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Alienware is known for  being one of the best laptop brands, but it also makes some excellent gaming desktops as well, with the Aurora R15 being at the top of the game. Of course, having a premium desktop means paying premium prices, and Alienware certainly is an premium brand, but there are some great early Memorial Day deals you can take advantage of. For example, this configuration of the Aurora R15 usually goes for an eye-watering $4,050, but Dell is discounting it quite heavily down to $2,750.

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Why you should buy the Alienware Aurora R15

One of the reasons for the high price tag of the Aurora R15 is the fact that it has an RTX 4090 under the hood, which is one of the most powerful GPUs on the market, if not the most powerful. It’s perfect for 4k gaming, and while it still might struggle to high something like 144Hz on the highest graphical settings, it will certainly get close. Similarly, the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X is one of the best CPUs on the market, so it will easily handle any games you throw at it, as well as any more complex productivity or creativity tasks, and you could even stream to YouTube or Twitch while you play if you want to do that.

In terms of RAM, you get 32GBs of DDR5, some of the fastest on the market, and more than enough to give you a smooth overall experience. As for the 2TB of storage, it’s not too bad, although it would have been nice to see a secondary storage for the price point, especially since 2TB is going to get filled up fast when playing the best AAA games at 4k. That said, you can certainly add a second drive or a larger primary drive as an upgrade before you buy, but it probably makes more sense to upgrade it yourself later down the line if you have a bit of tech-savvy

The Aurora R15 is certainly an expensive desktop, but with the best GPU on the market under the hood, it absolutely is worth every dollar of the discounted $2,750 from Dell. On the other hand, if that is still a bit too pricey for you, then you could check out some of these other great gaming PC deals.

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