Save $450 on this Dell XPS desktop PC with an RTX 4060 Ti

Dell XPS Desktop sitting on a coffee table.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends / Digital Trends

While Dell makes some of the best laptops on the market, especially under the Alienware brand, it also has some of the best desktops as well. Interestingly, while the XPS lineup of laptops is known as being Dell’s answer to the MacBook, Dell also has XPS desktops that you can grab, and they’re actually pretty good. In fact, this Dell XPS desktop configuration is being discounted directly by Dell, bringing the price down to $1,100 from its usual $1,550, which is a very substantial $450 discount.

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Why you should buy the Dell XPS Desktop

While the Dell XPS Desktop doesn’t quite look like a gaming PC, it does come with an RTX 4060 Ti, which, admittedly, is an entry-level gaming GPU, and that’s a good option for 1080p gaming. It will be able to hit around 100 frames at that resolution, although there may be some slight compromises with graphical settings here and there. Even so, that’s still an excellent inclusion for the price you’re getting, and if you already have a 1080p monitor, you won’t have to change, which is probably the biggest positive.

Besides the GPU, you get an upper-range Intel Core i7-13700 processor that will handle most productivity and day-to-day tasks easily and will let you do some more creative work as well, such as music production or CAD work. The 16GB of DDR5 RAM also means you’re going to have a generally smoother experience and won’t be bumping up to the limit of your RAM if you have a few apps and tabs open at the same time. That said, the 512GB of storage really isn’t much in this day and age, although given it’s a desktop, upgrading the internal storage isn’t difficult at all, so you could always do that at some point down the line.

The fact that the Dell XPS Desktop comes with a great CPU and a solid GPU makes it quite versatile, whether you want it for work, to do graphic design, game, or a myriad of other tasks. Luckily, the $450 discount from Dell that brings it down to $1,100 makes it a steal at the price. That said, if you’d like a few more options, be sure to check out some of these excellent desktop PC deals as well.

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