Scammers 'spoofing' Windsor RCMP number: Police

A RCMP police cruiser in a 2023 file photo. (David Bell/CBC - image credit)
A RCMP police cruiser in a 2023 file photo. (David Bell/CBC - image credit)

The RCMP in Windsor are warning of a new scam where people get calls from what appears to be the local detachment's phone number.

In a statement, O Division — which includes the RCMP's Windsor detachment — says calls falsely appearing to come from their local phone number has been used to "intimidate and defraud victims."

The phone number is 519-948-5287. 

Police warn that officers will never ask for payment using bitcoin or gift cards, will not show up to collect money for a child in jail, and will not ask for information like a phone number, date of birth or social insurance number.

"Please also be aware that the RCMP in Ontario is not the police of jurisdiction," officials said in a statement. "In Ontario, the RCMP enforces federal laws, including national security, border integrity, transnational, serious and organized crime and financial crimes such as cyber crime, money laundering and counterfeiting.

"If you suspect that you are being scammed, hang up, wait 10 minutes and call your local police service."

Spoofing means a scammer uses a device to mask their real phone number in order to display a number that does not belong to them, like the RCMP detachment phone number.

According to RCMP, scammers have the technology to keep a spoofed number for 10 minutes, which is why they advise waiting 10 minutes before calling local police.