'It's Scary': Jordan Klepper Reveals What's So Worrisome About Trump Supporters

“Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper has spent years at Donald Trump’s events speaking to some of his biggest supporters ― including many who believe in wild conspiracy theories.

And it’s not getting better.

“I’m still surprised at these events, which should be worrisome to everyone,” he told former RNC Chair Michael Steele on MSNBC on Thursday. “The fact that there are still ideas out here that go beyond what I’ve already heard at many, many of these events, it deeply concerns me.”

Klepper attended a Trump event in South Carolina over the weekend where he found supporters who don’t believe Biden is really in charge; that he has a fake presidential seal; that there are two militaries, one of which is controlled by Trump; and that the war in Ukraine doesn’t exist and the refugees fleeing the violence are actors.

“There are folks out there that will deny reality to its face,” he told Steele on Thursday.

Steele asked later in the segment if he found the views among Trump supporters have evolved at all.

“No, there’s there’s no evolution of ideas,” he said. “There’s devolution of ideas, and that’s where the scariness arises.”