Score the Beats Studio Pro for $100 off at Best Buy

Beats Studio Pro, folded, in front of case.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

It’s getting harder and harder to find wireless headphones and earbuds without noise-canceling these days, and that’s because the feature is a true godsend. As masters of the tech, Beats has been delivering excellent ANC audio products for years, which is why we’re so excited that Best Buy has marked down the Beats Studio Pro headphones. Normally, these headphones are $350, but now they’re only $250 while the sale lasts!


Why you should buy Beats Pro headphones

A solid set of noise-canceling headphones are nothing without robust sound quality backing them up; and to that end, the Studio Pro has got you covered. You can expect big bass, articulate mids, and crystalline highs, but without all the sibilance that too much treble brings. You’ll even be able to download the Beats App to truly fine-tune your listening experience, while monitoring battery level and other vitals. There’s no multi-band EQ, but that’s a small detractor for some otherwise rock-solid companion software. 

The Studio Pro also gives you multiple ways to listen to your favorite albums and playlists. Choose from USB-C, 3.5mm, or Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity. As far as noise-canceling goes, Beats isn’t messing around. Not only does the Studio Pro deliver some impressive ANC performance, but you can easily tap into Transparency mode to dial in the world around you.

Wireless audio tends to be a hog when it comes to battery life, but the Studio Pro aren’t your average wire-free over-ears! With ANC and Transparency enabled, you should get up to 24 hours of playback on a full charge. And just 10 minutes of recharging will net you an extra four hours of tunes. Here’s a pro tip for you: You’ll get up to 40 hours of battery life if you go a day without ANC or Transparency listening.

For those unaware, Apple are the masterminds behind Beats headphones (and a slew of other audio products that we love), and the Big A is not the most merciful when it comes to headphone deals. That’s why we’re so excited that you can score the Beats Studio Pro headphones for $100 off at Best Buy. But act fast, for the markdown could be gone tomorrow!