Sea turtle swims down to scuba diver to check out his camera

This is a Hawksbill sea turtle in Papua New Guinea. He's a critically endangered turtle, and one of the rarest sea turtles in the ocean. He's also a curious little fellow. As he was at the surface of the water, catching a few breaths of air, he spotted a scuba diver below who was filming him. He descended straight to the diver and swam up curiously to investigate the diver and his camera. Normally, shy and reclusive, this little fellow was actually rescued and cared for by a scuba dive master when he was very small. He was undernourished and in need of a little help. The dive master fed and looked after the turtle until he could be released. The turtle frequents a popular dive site and is always happy to see his friend return. The dive master will often dig out sponges from crevices to feed the hungry turtle. Divers who are on an exploration with the dive master are always thrilled to see this friendly animal and to interact with him on his own terms, in his own environment. The reef where he lives is extremely remote and it is unlikely that his fondness and trust for humans will actually do him any harm. At this size, the only serious threat to the turtle is a large shark and he seems well equipped for avoiding those. Papua New Guinea is rated as one of the world's top ten dive destinations. With clear water, abundant animal life, healthy reefs, and superb dive operations, this is a part of the planet that is unmatched for beauty.