Sean Hannity Has Surprising Take On Taylor Swift Criticism

Sean Hannity isn’t a fan of the “treacherous” words Taylor Swift critics have had as the singer faces intense scrutiny in right-wing circles.

The Fox News host, in an episode of his program on Thursday, showed love for Swift in a week where her visit to a Kansas City Chiefs game fueled rumors that she’s dating tight end Travis Kelce.

“You know what, I look at Taylor Swift, if I picked my music based on their politics, I’d have five choices. Let’s be honest. You know – country, Christian contemporary, which are my favorite – but I admire her talent,” said Hannity.

“She writes all her songs, she does these shows that have like nearly 50 songs, you know, sets in them. More wardrobe changes, she’s a great businesswoman, seems like a lovely girl, extraordinarily nice to her fans and I kind of hate people, you know, hating on her.”

Hannity’s defense arrives after Swift, who broke her political silence in 2018 and has since publicly supported Democratic candidates such as now-President Joe Biden, sparked criticism among personalities at Fox in the days since she cheered on Kelce at his game on Sunday.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber, on Wednesday, said Swift scares certain conservatives and argued that when it “comes to the right-wing haters” he thinks “she already forgot that they existed.”

Hannity, after hearing from guest Jimmy Failla on the rumored couple, noted Kelce’s ads with Bud Light and Pfizer before claiming he doesn’t “care” if someone wants to get advice from a football player or pop star.

“We live in a free country, they are entitled to their views, as much as I might disagree. But I can also recognize talent and they’re both enormously talented,” Hannity said.

“How’s this? I wish them the best, I hope it works for them.”

H/T: Mediaite