‘Do you see it?’ Big surprise awaits car owner in Florida driveway, photo shows

Alligators don’t have a sense of humor, but there’s something undeniably goofy about one hanging out under a Honda in a Florida driveway as if no one will notice.

It happened Tuesday, April 9, in the Oasis subdivision of North Port, about an 85-mile drive south of Tampa.

North Port police shared a photo on Facebook, showing the alligator peeking out from behind the left rear wheel.

Do you see it? ... We initially got a 9-1-1 call from someone in the area for a 5-6 foot alligator under their vehicle in their driveway,” North Port police told McClatchy News in an email.

“Due to a gas leak in the area and the road there being shut down, it took our conservation (officer) a little bit to get there.”

Details of how the owner reacted were not released, but nobody got hurt, police said

A state-licensed “nuisance” alligator trapper was sent by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to pull the gator out from under the car. It was relocated, officials said.

Police say they shared the photo as a warning: April is the start of alligator courtship season in Florida.

“It’s that time of year when gators are on the prowl, so keep an eye out,” police wrote in the post. “Florida Rule #1 — If you’re near a pond or river there’s a good chance you’re not alone.”

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