Seen this ugly sea creature wash up on Myrtle Beach SC area shores? Be careful, it bites

An ugly fish has gained social media attention after it washed up on shore in Murrells Inlet over the weekend.

The fish was identified as an oyster toad fish, a creature commonly found in South Carolina. But to those not familiar with the fish, it can be a scary site.

Be careful if you catch or see an oyster toadfish as they have strong jaws and mildly venomous spines, according to Guidesly. Their venom has been compared to feeling like a bee or wasp sting.

The bottom-feeder is known to be hardy and can live in polluted and littered waters.

Oyster toadfish tend to eat shellfish like oysters, crabs and shrimp so they need a powerful bite to break through the shells, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. This is why people should handle them with caution.

They typically grow to be eight to 12 inches and one to two pounds and people often do not eat them. A common nickname is the “mother-in-law” fish, a joke related to its ugly nature.