'Selling Sunset' star Bre Tiesi, who has a child with Nick Cannon, said he doesn't have to pay child support because he has so many kids. She's wrong.

left: bri tiesi, a young woman with long dark hair wearing a cheetah print, low cut dress; right: nick cannon in a blue sweatsuit jacket and a red sweatband on his head, wearing glasses and smiling
Bri Tiesi and Nick Cannon share a child together, Legendary Love.Netflix; Jason Mendez/WireImage
  • Bri Tiesi said on "Selling Sunset" that Nick Cannon isn't obligated to pay child support because he has over 10 kids.

  • A laywer told Insider that California doesn't have a cap on child support based on number of children.

  • Tiesi said that Cannon is not her "sugar daddy," and she works to provide for her son.

Bre Tiesi said on "Selling Sunset" that Nick Cannon wouldn't necessarily be obligated to pay child support given that he has more than 10 children. But in a comment to Insider, a lawyer said that California law says otherwise.

Tiesi, who stars in the new season of "Selling Sunset," gave birth to her child with Cannon, Legendary Love, in June 2022, and described her relationship with Cannon as "open." The real estate agent told her costar Smith in episode seven of the show that it was true that Cannon wasn't obligated to pay child support.

"The way it works is like, after 10, the court can basically say he can't afford to pay child support," Tiesi said. "Or, because he is who he is, they could say, 'We know you can afford X amount...' for each household."

However, Neama Rahmani, a personal injury attorney and the president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, told Insider that Tiesi was incorrect.

"California law does not place any cap on child support based on the number of children one has," Rahmani told Insider in an email statement. "A parent is obligated to pay child support whether the parent has one child or twelve."

In a statement to ET, Rahmani went on to say that this was true "whether the mothers of his children have requested child support or whether Nick has paid it to Bre or others."

Legendary Love is the eighth of Cannon's 12 children, whom he shares with six different women. In season six, episode four of "Selling Sunset," fellow realtor Chelsea Lazkani said in a confessional that she finds Tiesi and Cannon's relationship "off-putting," after telling other agents in the office how Tiesi learned that Cannon had fathered another child from a headline and not from Cannon himself.

In the episode seven conversation with Smith, Tiesi shared her thoughts on Lazkani discussing her "business" in the office. She also explained that Cannon was not her "sugar daddy."

"There's no legal agreement, there's no, 'You have to do X, Y, and Z, you owe me this, you owe whatever.' We don't have any of that," she told Smith. "I take care of myself. And if my son needs something, or we need something, I can ask. That's all I have to do. I know he's a good, dad and, like, Nick is not my sugar daddy. Nick is not my reason that I'm where I'm at. He is none of these things."

Tiesi further emphasized in a confessional that she was set on providing for her son independently.

"I definitely strive to be the best at everything, to the point where I drive myself insane, but I've worked my ass to be where I'm at," Tiesi said. "I did this all myself. And of course, my son is even more motivation. I want to give him everything from me. Not from my partner."

When reached for comment, a representative for Tiesi referred Insider to two social media posts on Instagram and TikTok that she made on Sunday following the premiere of season six.

"We're more than good over here," Tiesi wrote in an Instagram post featuring photos of herself, Cannon, and their child. "Love you daddy!"

May 22, 2023: 9:55 am ET: This story has been updated to reflect that Rahmani does not currently represent Tiesi. 

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