Serge Pizzorno hails Kasabian's Glastonbury gig as a 'great day'

Serge Pizzorno on stage at Glastonbury credit:Bang Showbiz
Serge Pizzorno on stage at Glastonbury credit:Bang Showbiz

Serge Pizzorno hailed Kasabian's secret set at Glastonbury as one of the "greatest days" in the band's history.

The 43-year-old star and his bandmates took to the Woodsies Stage on Saturday (29.06.24), as the group performed some of their best-known hits.

After taking to the stage, Serge told the crowd: "Glastonbury ... how the f*** are you? Several million years has brought us to this moment!"

Kasabian first appeared at the festival 20 years ago, and Serge admitted that their latest appearance represented a landmark moment for the award-winning band.

He said: "This is one of the greatest days in this band's history."

Kasabian's set list included 'Club Foot', 'Ill Ray (The King)', 'Underdog', 'Shoot The Runner' and 'You're In Love With A Psycho'. The group also performed their latest singles, 'Call' and 'Coming Back To Me Good', which will feature on Kasabian's new album.

Meanwhile, prior to taking to the stage, Serge admitted that he still has a "childlike innocence" towards his music.

The singer told the Guardian newspaper: "When I started writing music it was pure instinct.

"I still try to keep that childlike innocence, as well as feeling the benefits of not giving a f*** as much because I’m more experienced. I’ll always try to blow people’s minds with music, and I’m excited about the phases I’ve yet to go through. Forever moving on, forever curious."

What's more, Serge admitted that he still loves the thrill of performing live.

He said: "When the crowd is wild, you absorb it. Suddenly it’s over and you’re backstage and think: 'What the hell is this? This adrenaline is not going anywhere.' I’ve started to do ice baths. It’s the closest I’ve come to shocking it out of my system."