Seth Meyers Reveals Brutal Eric Trump Joke That He Omitted For Taste Reasons

Even if the majority of jokes penned by “Late Night” writers never make it to the monologue, host Seth Meyers likes to give particularly dumb or offensive ones new life in a segment he calls “Surprise Inspection.”

This time, he highlighted a nasty dig at Eric Trump that he rejected.

Fast-forward to 3:42 and you might understand why:

“In a new post on Instagram, Ivanka Trump announced that her family has adopted a new puppy, adding, ‘And we’re not going to let Eric hug this one,’” Meyers said. A photo of a tombstone reading “RIP Rusty” popped up on the screen.

Groans, awws and some laughter emerged from the audience.

“Usually one of you claps,” Meyers said.

Finally, sprinkled applause could be heard.

Eric Trump, the middle son among former President Donald Trump’s five children, occasionally gets a ribbingfromMeyers.

But the rejected zinger might be a tad much. Good thing it never made it onto the show.

Oh, wait.