Seth Meyers Says The Trump Trial Seems To Be Achieving Only 1 Thing So Far

Donald Trump’s apparent penchant for napping got another shoutout on “Late Night” after the former president seemed to drift off multiple times during court proceedings Tuesday at his hush money trial.

“Former President Trump appeared to fall asleep yesterday during Michael Cohen’s testimony for a full half-hour,” host Seth Meyers said. “You know, I was excited for this trial, but it seems like the only thing we’re accomplishing is making sure Trump is well rested before the election.”

The trial is in its fifth week. Those inside the courtroom have consistently reported that Trump often shuts his eyes and appears to doze off.

Trump has insisted he is just resting his “beautiful blue eyes” and taking it all in.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell said Tuesday night that, by his observation, Trump had his eyes closed for 90% of the day.

Check out Meyers’ roast below.