Severe storm risk builds Friday as system sweeps Ontario and Quebec

Severe storm risk builds Friday as system sweeps Ontario and Quebec
Severe storm risk builds Friday as system sweeps Ontario and Quebec

Friday's forecast holds no relief for parts of Ontario and Quebec hit hard by storms in recent days.

A fresh round of severe thunderstorms is possible across portions of both provinces during the day Friday, with some communities facing a tornado risk through the afternoon and evening hours. A couple of stray storms may roll into the Greater Toronto Area, as well.

A separate round of storms is possible overnight Friday into Saturday across sections of southwestern Ontario.

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Areas: Eastern Ontario and Quebec

Timing: Through the afternoon and evening hours

Weather: A centre of low pressure scooting through Ontario and Quebec looks to kick off a fresh round of thunderstorms as the system’s cold front plows into the muggy air locked over the region.

Forecasters see the potential for severe thunderstorms stretching across eastern Ontario and a large swath of southern Quebec, including parts of cottage country, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City.

ONQC Friday
ONQC Friday

Storms will develop through the afternoon hours and continue marching east into Friday evening. The strongest storms will be capable of producing strong wind gusts and large hail.

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However, there’s enough wind shear over Quebec that some of the thunderstorms may develop into supercells.

These rotating thunderstorms may be capable of producing one or two tornadoes. The greatest risk for supercells appears centred north of the St. Lawrence River around Trois-Rivieres and Quebec City.

There’s a slight chance that a daytime thunderstorm could pass through southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, but confidence is low in the storm potential across this region.

Pay close attention to watches and warnings through the day Friday. Keep a safety plan in mind as you go through the day, knowing where to take safe shelter at home, work, or on the road if severe weather threatens your location.

Friday night

Areas: Southwestern Ontario

Timing: Late Friday night

Weather: A separate system moving over the southern Great Lakes late Friday could lead to the development of a batch of nocturnal thunderstorms over Michigan.

These storms could push into southwestern Ontario through the overnight hours, bringing the risk for strong wind gusts and quite the lightning show to extreme southwestern portions of the province.

SWON Friday
SWON Friday

However, given the nature of summertime thunderstorms and the dynamic factors involved, there’s lower confidence in the timing of this potential cluster of storms. Check back through the day Friday as forecasters continue to nail down the specifics.

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