Sex on duty costs Saskatoon police officer

A Saskatoon police officer who had sex with a member of the public while he was on duty, has been suspended for 30 days and demoted.

The officer, Cst. Collin Reddekopp, was the subject of an investigation by Saskatchewan's Public Complaints Commission, which oversees local municipal police departments.

"It's pretty straightforward," Saskatoon's chief of police, Clive Weighill, told CBC News when asked to provide more information about the case.

"Officer meets girl. Officer has affair. Officer has sexual encounter one day on duty," Weighill explained.

According to Weighill, the officer met the woman in April when he was assigned to investigate her concerns about receiving a number of annoying telephone calls.

Weighill said that after dealing with the woman's case, Reddekopp started a relationship with her.

The woman filed a formal complaint after she and Reddekopp stopped seeing each other.

The woman told investigators that she and the officer had sex while he was on duty.

Weighill said the officer admitted to the indiscretion, and a GPS unit in his patrol car confirmed his location on the day in question.

"He was suspended without pay for 30 days, and he was reduced in rank," Weighill said. "He was a first-class constable and he's reduced down to second-class, for one year."

According to the city of Saskatoon's most recent public accounts, a second-class constable makes around $65,000 to $75,000 per year, depending on how much overtime is earned.