Shannon Park Lands seeking public feedback on redevelopment plans

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Shannon Park, seen here in 2015, was once home to military housing.  (Craig Paisley/CBC - image credit)
Shannon Park, seen here in 2015, was once home to military housing. (Craig Paisley/CBC - image credit)

People who want to comment on the development plans for the Shannon Park Lands in Dartmouth, N.S., have a few more weeks to share their thoughts.

Until June 7, members of the public can comment on the latest version of a concept plan for the area. This latest rendition includes a new location for a public green space next to the Shannon Park Elementary School. Traffic impact studies have also led to the creation of a roundabout along Princess Margaret Boulevard.

"That addresses the on and off ramps for the bridge as well as access to the Shannon Lands, Ocean Breeze Estates, the BIO (Bedford Institute of Oceanography) and the Coast Guard facilities," said Chris Millier, senior director of Canada Lands.

Canada Lands has proposed a mix of housing and commercial development for the former military housing. Once all the lots are redeveloped, Shannon Park will be home to 7,000 people. The plans include taller buildings closer to the MacKay Bridge and mid-rise buildings and row houses toward the centre of the property.

"It would be nice, given the nature of the investment there, to see affordable housing on the site, so we'll certainly pursue those conversations with HRM," said Millier.

There are also plans for a transit hub and trails. Land along Tufts Cove is owned by the Millbrook First Nation, which is working with Canada Lands to redevelop it.

An earlier concept was presented in 2016. Canada Lands then had to wait until sections of Halifax's Centre Plan were approved. It's now applied for a development agreement. Millier said he hopes a development agreement will be approved by this fall.


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