Sharks discovered in tidal ponds on popular South Carolina barrier island, town warns

One of South Carolina’s most popular tourist destinations has issued an unusual warning for anyone thinking of wading into the town’s tidal ponds: Beware of sharks.

“The town is aware that there are currently a number of sharks in tidal ponds near the Kiawah Island Beach Club and near Beachwalker County Park,” Kiawah Island town officials wrote in an email.

“Although these sharks are relatively small in size (about 4 feet), beachgoers should still use caution and not enter the tidal pools or allow their pets to swim in these areas.”

Kiawah Island is about a 25-mile drive south from Charleston.

The town’s Beach Patrol is “closely monitoring the situation,” officials said.

It’s hoped the sharks will choose to leave the ponds when high tide creates a highway back to the Atlantic Ocean, officials said.

Town officials did not report the species of sharks involved, but the coast of South Carolina is home to great white sharks, tiger sharks, lemon sharks and bulls sharks, among others.

Great white sharks are currently making their seasonal migration past South Carolina into the Northwest Atlantic, where waters are cooler during the summer months. It’s also suspected white sharks use the Outer Banks of North Carolina as a mating ground, the nonprofit OCEARCH reports.

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