Shelter dog was the only one not adopted at Florida event. Then, man ‘fell in love’

A shelter dog was the only one not adopted at a Florida event — but the situation was “meant to be,” an animal shelter said.

That’s because a man who lost another pet felt called to go to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay a couple of days after the event. He visited the overlooked dog,“fell in love with her kindness and sweet face and knew she would be perfect for their family,” the shelter wrote Feb. 17 in a Facebook post.

Now, the dog — Patricia the 4-year-old terrier — has a new home.

“Patricia is a shining example of how even, in the rarest of circumstances even though you’re last you can still come in first,” the Humane Society wrote. “After all, that is where the heart shines best.”

Though the shelter didn’t share how Patricia ended up in its care, it said she was one of 15 animals available for adoption at its recent Bark in the Park event. The 14 other animals found homes, leaving only Patricia without a new owner.

But the dog’s luck took a turn two days later. A couple “recently lost their pet and felt the loss when they saw Patricia on the website and wanted to meet her,” the animal organization wrote.

Then the husband went to the shelter and couldn’t get enough of the dog, leading to her next chapter. Facebook users were fans of the heartwarming adoption story, which garnered more than 600 reactions in about three days.

The Humane Society didn’t immediately share additional information with McClatchy News on Feb. 18 or Feb. 20.

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