Silo: Common Talks About Sims' Shocking Act in Episode 5 and the New Secret That 'Blew My Mind'

The following contains spoilers from Silo Episode 5, “The Janitor’s Boy,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

This week on Apple TV+’s Silo, Juliette (played by Rebecca Ferguson) caught Judicial goon Doug Trumbull red-handed, as it became clear that Sims’ (Common) errand boy had planted evidence in the wrong apartment in order to end the investigation into the murder of both Mayor Jahns and Deputy Marnes.

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Trumbull (The Son’s Henry Garrett) managed to escape arrest — by shoving Juliette over a railing, though she managed to hang on by the skin of her fingernails — and later met up with Sims, who was startled a bit as he emerged from a room labeled JANITORIAL.

Sims confirmed that Trumbull did not know what laid beyond that seemingly innocuous door, then launched into a monologue about his childhood, as the son of a janitor. Sims related a story of being targeted by a bully, and how said adversary and his family suddenly had to move far away within the silo. Turns out, Sims’ mild-mannered father had a hand in that twist of fate, empowered by whatever is within the janitor’s office. Sims’ dad then showed him what was inside the room, after affirming that it was life-changing… and the most top of secrets.

After Trumbull processed the tale, Sims asked his wannabe “shadow” a series of questions affirming his loyalty to Judicial and the cause. Trumbull then avowed he would do, and give, anything to serve and protect the people of the silo.

Good,” said Sims — before abruptly grabbing Trumbull and heaving him over the nearby railing, to plummet to his death.

Silo 1x05
Silo 1x05

“Sims’ decision to kill Trumbull was one of those times where as person has to say, ‘I must do this for the greater cause,'” Common tells TVLine.

A person such as Trumbull “could be a real challenge, a fault that could end up costing a lot of people their lives,” Common continues, “not only because he saw the janitor’s room door, but because he had information about what George Wilkins (who was murdered in Episode 1) and Patrick Kennedy (Judicial’s patsy for the recent deaths).”

Common says that as Sims’ began his story about his childhood, Trumbull’s fate might not have been decided. But as he recounted the tale, the bold decision formed in the Judicial agent’s head.

“When doing that monologue, he kinda knew what he might do, but at that point Trumbull was someone he decided to open up to, about what this job was,” says Common. As an actor, “I really had to figure out, ‘Why am I telling this character this if I know I’m about to kill him?’ But when he tells me he’s willing to give his life for this, that lets me know — he is going to have to give his life for this.”

As for what is hidden inside the janitor’s room that is so explosive a secret….

“When I learned what was behind that door…. Man, it blew my mind,” Common says, stopping short of spoiling the reveal.

“I love that about this show,” he adds. “We’re dealing with a lot of things that we’re dealing with [in real life] as a society — things that government puts upon us — but it’s told in a way that’s very entertaining, and with these colorful characters. I’m happy to be a part of it.”

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