Sister Wives' Robyn Grapples with Kody 'Rewriting History' as He Calls Out 'Bullying' in the Family

Kody recalled how he and Robyn had an instant "click" and claimed his ex-wives are "trying to blame" her for the downfall of their marriage

Robyn and Kody Brown
Robyn and Kody Brown

Kody Brown says his bond with his other wives paled in comparison to his special connection with Robyn Brown — but she begs to differ.

On Sunday’s Sister Wives: One on One special, the Brown family patriarch, 54, confessed he felt a deep sense of connection with his fourth wife that he never felt with now-ex-wives Christine Brown, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown.

“I met Robyn and there was a safety and a vulnerability that I had never experienced in my life,” he told moderator Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan. “And I met her and I started weeping for joy and didn't stop for months.”

More than her willingness to be “emotionally vulnerable,” Kody claimed that he and Robyn instantly had “a click” whereas he had to work “for years” to find common ground with his other wives.

Kody and Robyn Brown
Kody and Robyn Brown

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“[I] could never go to Janelle and say, ‘Hey you’re not vulnerable with me,’” he continued, explaining how he never felt he could express his true self until Robyn came along.

Kody noted that there’s been a “struggle in communication” and “struggle with criticism” all around. He described being in a “constant little civil war” and sensing a “constant psychic tension” with Christine, Janelle, Meri and their kids.

Robyn, on the other hand, claimed she was unaware of Kody’s feelings about their connection until recently and questioned whether or not he was “rewriting” their “history.”

“Well, I did my best,” she said of her efforts in their plural marriage. “I don't know what else … I was supposed to do. But I did my best to not have it be something that was painful for [the other wives]. I constantly was suppressing and hiding my relationship in any kind of connection I had with Kody.”

TLC Kody and Robyn Brown
TLC Kody and Robyn Brown

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Kody told Suki that he feels his former wives Christine and Janelle are "trying to blame Robyn" for the downfall of their marriage and their children being estranged. The reality star even claimed that Janelle has called Robyn his "broken dove" he must "protect from all the a--h---s."

"I feel like they have all been absolute a--h---s to her and what's weird is they're a--h---s to me and I just put up with it," he continued, noting that their tense relationship has not only made him protective but also alienated their kids.

"There's a lot of bullying in the family, and I'm just not willing to sit here and put up with it anymore," he added.

<p>Ethan Miller/Getty</p> Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown

Ethan Miller/Getty

Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown

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Within a span of 14 months, three of the Sister Wives patriarch's marriages imploded. Kody's third wife, Christine, was the first to leave in November 2021. A year later in December 2022, it was revealed that he had separated from his second wife Janelle. A month after that, his broken union with first wife Meri was confirmed in January after the pair's relationship had been platonic and distant for years. Robyn is Kody's only remaining wife.

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