Six Years of Hardwork and Dedication Made Felix Alfen a Successful Entrepreneur!

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Felix Alfen is a successful entrepreneur. His journey in the world if entrepreneurship started in 2014. At that time, he was working as a consultant. But he eventually realised he needs more freedom when it comes to finance and time. He soon decided to walk on that path to achieve his goals.

Alfen started watching videos on YouTube, read articles online and attended webinar that gave him an understanding of starting something of his own. During that time, marketing and online marketing was not that common in German speaking markets. Be he got fascinated with the idea of making money online, whenever he wanted. For the first time, he got pitched together with his best friend by a young Austrian guy about the business model affiliate- and network marketing. However, Felix Alfen had a negative impression of the business model at that time. So he looked out for other business opportunities. That's when he came across a company called VEMMA. He started off as a customer for VEMMA. Alfen was impressed with the company's product line of nutrition supplements combined with lifestyle products. He liked them mainly because he's an athlete and living a health lifestyle since 2006.

One day, Felix Alfen attended a big convention event by VEMMA. Attending that event changed his life completely as it gave him a better insight to online network marketing. It gave him the confidence that he can start something of his own and that's what he did. About his venture and its Success, Felix Alfen said, "The next two and a half years were a real business rollercoaster with a lot of ups but also even more downs. I always remember my saying at this time `first you learn than you earn`. After a lot of learning experiences and massive personal development I was able help over ten thousand people to start their own online business through affiliate marketing with physical products like nutrition, skin care and body shaping products. Until the beginning of 2017 we created more than 10 million dollars in turnover for two fitness and lifestyle network marketing companies and created the first millennials making 6 or 7 figure yearly incomes manly online."

In 2016-2017, Felix started investing in trading and that made him understand the importance of financial education. That's when he got approached by another affiliate marketing company offering financial education products. Initially, he was not open to build a new affiliate-/ network-marketing business, because his current one was running very well and produced residual income. But his interest in trading and investing was deep and hence in 2017, he launched a new company called Kuvera Global, which now is a merge of multiple companies in that sector. The mother company of Kuvera Global is the publicly traded company Investview.

In the past 6 years, Felix has worked hard and made a name for himself. His companies are doing a great business in European market. He runs his own online marketing agency that help other companies to profit from the digital age by use google and social media advertising. He has a multiple six figure residual yearly income thanks to his network marketing business and being one of the owners of a success investment company.

Felix Alfen believes in the mantra - 'rise by lifting others`. With this one can have everything they want in life, if they help enough others to get want the want.