'SNL' has never known what to do with 'hot' guests, and Sydney Sweeney is the latest example

Sydney Sweeney on "Saturday Night Live."
Sydney Sweeney on "Saturday Night Live."NBC/YouTube
  • Sydney Sweeney was the latest host of "Saturday Night Live."

  • Sweeney's monologue and skit leaned on jokes about her looks.

  • This isn't the first time the show has dropped the ball with an attractive star.

Sydney Sweeney hosted "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, leaving viewers wondering why the show just resorts to jokes about being attractive when it has a "hot" guest.

In her monologue on Saturday's episode, the "Anyone But You" star showed off the joke five-step plan for getting into acting that she shared with her parents, with "Show boobs" as her plan B.

The "Euphoria" star also performed in several sketches during the show, with most using her looks as the butt of the joke. One saw Sweeney play a Hooters waitress who earned $30,000 in tips, and in another, she played a dumb cheerleader who tried to hit on a Golden Retriever.

Viewers said they were surprised by Sweeney's comedic talents, but pointed out that the writers are guilty of doing the same things they've criticized others for in the past, including Donald Trump.

But this isn't the first time "SNL" has fumbled over a "hot" guest. Remember when Jacob Elordi hosted after all that "Saltburn" hype in January?

His guest appearance started with an incredibly awkward opening monologue where one of the "SNL" cast raises her hand and says "Just want to look at you." And it only got more uncomfortable from there.

Audiences weren't impressed by a sketch at a women's-only AA meeting, where the group plots to get Elordi drunk so they can try to sleep with him.

This is the latest example of SNL being criticized for cringey writing. Back in 2004, the writers riffed on "Harry Potter" in a skit where Lindsay Lohan played Hermione Granger.

With an open shirt and short skirt, it focused on Ron Weasley (Seth Meyers) and Harry Potter (Rachel Dratch) struggling to take their eyes off Hermione's chest.

Comedy was a bit different back in the early 2000s, so the writers managed to get away with the gross "hot school girl" trope. But judging by the "Hooters" sketch, things haven't changed too much.

The makers of SNL didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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