Solar energy; homelessness; hungry kids; Ukraine invasion | Opinion

Europeans unite!

Ukraine will never defeat Russia. It simply makes doesn’t have the resources or manpower to do so.

But neither does any other country in Europe.

Russia could also defeat any state in the United States for the same reason. No single state has the resources or manpower to defend itself.

But it doesn’t have to. Each state is part of United States of America.

Russia would have no prayer of defeating this nation.

The European Union is basically the equivalent of the American Articles of Confederation — a loose coalition of states, or in the case of Europe, nations.

Like the second phrase in the first sentence of our Constitution, they need to from a more perfect union.

If all the Democratic nations of Europe would hold a constitutional convention and from such a union, and then impose a federal tax to form a single armed service, plus conscription to that service, they could easily defend themselves against any foe.

There would be no need for NATO. Europe could take care of itself.

Europe taking care of Europe, this is how it should be — the United Nations of Europe..

Mike Hubbell, Kingman

Solar panelists

Anyone interested in the Proposed Tallgrass Prairie Energy Center/Battery Energy Storage System here in Halstead should be sure and attend the Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting, 7:30 p.m. March 18 at City Hall.

Be sure to politely inform the commissioners and City Council members of your thoughts and opinions regarding this subject.

At the Feb. 20 meeting, there were fewer than a dozen Halstead citizens at the meeting.

Surely a matter of this magnitude is important enough that more than 12 interested people should show up.

Kevin Henderson, Halstead

Pro-life or pro-birth?

In the commentary by the Sister of Charity in regards to the house bill blocking $40 of food for children a month.

This once again shows these politicians are pro-birth, not pro-life.

They want to force women to continue their pregnancies and have babies, even though they don’t have the money or means to raise them. They want to deny them $40 of food a month, how is that helping women “choose life”?

This is why people are angry at so called pro-life politicians.

They are hypocrites, being pro-life means helping women, children, families after birth, during their life.

It means honoring their lives as much as farmers who receive welfare, money for doing nothing to their land.

Politicians can’t wait to offer welfare, tax exemptions, free money, to companies for building their company in a certain location.

We need to value all life, rich or poor.

We are all valuable, all worthy, that’s pro-life.

Kristina Jackson, Wichita

Baty right on homeless

I commend Sedgwick County Commissioner Ryan Baty for his thoughtful analysis of the homeless crisis in Sedgwick County (Ryan Baty: Pieces finally falling into place to address Wichita homelessness crisis, Feb. 23).

It was refreshing (dare I say hopeful?) to read an article from an elected government official who approaches a problem with facts based on research, intelligence and compassion.

Sadly, we have come to expect, if not accept, the juvenile and vitriol name-calling, finger-pointing, fact-less dialog which has dominated our country’s public discourse in recent years.

I appreciate the respect shown for the reader, as well as the affected homeless population.

Patty Brown, Wichita