‘Solar Opposites’ Declares a War on Valentine’s Day in February Special | Video

The “Solar Opposites” have declared war on Valentine’s Day. That’s the premise of the Hulu original’s upcoming holiday special, “An Earth Shatteringly Romantic Solar Valentine’s Day Opposites Special.” The episode is set to premiere on Hulu Feb. 5

The trailer begins with Korvo (Dan Stevens) announcing his plan to destroy the holiday in question. In no time at all, Earth falls into chaos. A fearful cupid is shot into a planet made of assorted chocolates, people shove each other in front of the Eiffel Tower and — for some unexplained reason — parrots start a revolution.

“I told you we shouldn’t have removed love from the world,” Jesse (Mary Mack) says in the trailer.

“It is very bad and could have planet destroying consequences,” Korvo reluctantly agrees.

The only way this makeshift family can set things right is by embracing love in their own lives. That means things are going to get steamy between this show’s resident couple, Terry (Thomas Middleditch) and Korvo. Check out the trailer above.

Spearheaded by Mike McMahan, “Solar Opposites” debuted its fourth season in August of 2023. The sci-fi animated comedy follows a family of aliens who crash landed on Earth after their home planet was destroyed. Though they’re theoretically supposed to colonize this new world, they spend most of their time turning people into various objects and getting distracted by random elements of human life such as man caves, lines and model trains.

This new special won’t mark the end of this wacky sci-fi comedy. Last fall, supervising producer Sydney Ryan confirmed that Season 5 was happening.

“The season 4 finale has bigger changes than we’ve ever seen before. I can’t reveal much about Season 5, but we’re already deep in production, and we have some really funny stories that fans are going to love,” Ryan told ScreenRant.

“Solar Opposites” was originally executive produced by Justin Roiland, who also voiced Korvo during the series’ first three seasons. Following the accusations of domestic assault against Roiland, Hulu and 20th Television Animation cut ties with the series’ co-creator and replaced his role with Dan Stevens. Currently, McMahan and Josh Bycel serve as executive producers.

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