Soldier drops fierce comeback after being denied leave to attend baby shower

According to a recent post on the website Reddit, a member of the U.S. Army decided to get cheeky when he was denied leave to attend a baby shower.

The post is aptly titled, “Army Specialist was denied leave to go to a baby shower because his CO said ‘Men don’t go to baby showers’, so he changed his reason.

It features before and after photos of a form requesting leave. In the first image, the reason for request listed on the form is “baby shower.” Those words have been crossed out in red pen, and the phrase, “Men don’t attend baby showers” has been added. Apparently the specialist’s superior was displeased with his desire to attend an event traditionally frequented only by women.

So the specialist made a second request, and tailored it to the tastes of his CO, who apparently is fond of antiquated gender stereotypes. The reason for leave on the second image is written as follows:

“Going home to the Appalachian mountains to drink whiskey, wrestle bears, and shoot lots of guns. I also plan to grow out a beard, chop down 100 trees with my axe and eat 10lbs of thick cut bacon with my wife, whom I plan to have lots of unprotected sex with, because I am a man and that’s just what we do. Football.”

[From IMGUR]

No word yet on whether the request was approved — or if the request was actually ever submitted to a CO — but with more than eight million views on Imgur, its author can rest assured his handy work gave the world a few chuckles.