Solo Leveling star shares hopes for Jinwoo and Joo-hee's relationship

solo leveling
Solo Leveling star on hopes for Jinwoo and Joo-heeSolo Leveling Animation Partners

Solo Leveling spoilers follow.

Solo Leveling's Aleks Le hopes to see the relationship between Sung Jinwoo and Lee Joo-hee blossom in future episodes.

While promoting his South Korean anime series, which received a five-star review from Digital Spy, voice artist Le was asked about the nature of Jinwoo and Joo-hee's bond.

"I think he's a little shy around her," he answered in an exclusive interview.

solo leveling
Solo Leveling Animation Partners

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"I think they're great friends. He was very shy about the idea of a date. It was cute to see that other side of him. And I hope we see more of their interactions in the future."

Let's see if he can muster up the confidence to take things to the next level (no pun intended).

Meanwhile, Le also opened up about the changes Jinwoo goes through as his physicality transforms.

"I did find that we were tampering with the voice here and there to see how we could ride those waves, and start building into the next phase of Jinwoo. So, definitely, there were some vocal discoveries there, for sure," he recalled.

solo leveling's lee joohee
Solo Leveling Animation Partners

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Speaking about his vocal changes in episode five, Le recalled of his voice: "It was great, because where he is in episode five is my natural voice.

"I was like, 'I'll just go in and do my thing.' But from episodes one to four, it was like, 'Oh, man, this is tough, because I've got to talk in a way higher pitch, and I've got to make it sound natural, and we've got to figure out how to slowly progress it upwards.

"So episode five was great for me. I think that was the fastest one we recorded as well. It was a good one, for sure. It was like, 'Finally, we can breathe.'"

Solo Leveling is available to watch weekly on Crunchyroll.

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